Light of the Word

While Christians generally acknowledge that the Bible is God’s Word, many of us lack robust confidence in the reality of its trustworthiness. We may not be sure if we really believe what we read. But the more we understand how Scripture came to be, the more we discover its power and truth.

Here’s an excerpt from Light of the Word:

Spiritual confusion and the high rate of deconversion, among other issues in the church, can be traced back to a lack of love and reverence for the Scriptures. Prior to my second confession, I failed to love or truly believe in the entire Bible. There were certain parts—such as the Gospels and the Psalms—that seemed more believable. But there were many (many) parts I did not believe or understand. I felt spiritually anemic, hoping that the next day would be better if I tried harder. I felt like I was groping in the darkness and lost in my faith. But learning about the history of the Bible was like light dawning after a long and confusing season. So I share this light with all those who need encouragement in their faith journey.

Light of the Word: Five-Day Devotional

I pray that this five-day devotional would open your heart and mind to God’s presence through his Word.